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We design your projects and pressure equipments


Chaudronnerie Bauloise - Conception
Equipements design and study

Our design office brings you its expertise in boilermaking and engineering in accordance with your requirements  and specifications

Chaudronnerie Bauloise Plans Appareils à pression
Drawing making

2 dimensions or 3 dimensions equipments design, realisation of general and detailed plans.

Chaudronnerie Bauloise - Nomenclature
Calculation notes and parts list

Dimensioning of equipments taking into account operationnal constraints : pressure / temperature,  stress torques, support means, fatigue, snow, wind and earthquake.


Appropriate materials determination


Calculation according to applicable building codes

Services BE


We propose to help you to define your initial needs in order to determine the equipment specification.

This support makes it possible to develop together the most economical solutions to meet your requirements (materials and technologies choices) enabling us to quickly remove unviable choices while respecting regulatory requirements related to our business.

Exemple conception


We use AutoCAD for 2 dimensions studies of reversals of customer projects.

For 3 dimensions studies, we use Solidworks : piping skid, pressure equipments, measure and control devices realisations.

Possibility to exchange files in STEP, IGES, PDF 3D,…

Internal calculation and sizing of pressure equipements with AUXeCAP, pressure equipment design software following CODAP, ASME and EN 13445 ;


Possibility of further calculationsaccording to CODAP, ASME, EN 13445, RCCM for pressure parts and according to EuroCodes, DNV 2.7-1 or 2.7-3 metal structure parts with the help of our partners.

Chaudronnerie Bauloise Conception
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